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[APD] Please Edit or Snip posts

Urville wrote:

> i didnt realize it was double posting. sorry. thats thunderbird i
> choose that.
> i read email like actual mail not like talking. i dont go back to the
> old message i remember it much like an actual letter.
> i also dont reply in that form which to me feels backwards. if i do
> reply in parts i cut and paste those relevant parts in order into my
> message. although i could argue that its not needed ever to quote.
> the world does alot of things i dont agree with and i can think of a
> good few i'm not about to adopt.
> but for the sake of  it since everyone here is generally great people
> i'll try to remember to bottom post, 
> but i'll say it's horribly annoying
> to have to scroll through all that crap to get to the new message, it
> just is, and doubly so when people have every message since the
> in there. i already read it, once is enough, why read it more than
> just my nickel.

Not nearly as annoying as trying to read all lower-case, un-punctuated
posts like the one above.

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