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urville wrote:
> oleds? please explain for the uninatiated!
> Ian

Sorry about that.

Organic LEDS.

Current LEDs are inorganic.


OLEDs are touted as the future for lighting as they hope to be able to 
make theme *very* cheaply and on a range of surfaces as they can be 
effectively sprayed onto the surface of an object.

The television set market is eagerly waiting for their arrival. They are 
fully expected to replace Plasma TVs for example.

The delay at present seems to that they are susceptible to water damage.
So currently need to be encased in glass. If they can be just coated in 
plastic then they can be made lighter and very flexible. You can have 
for example a roll up TV in your pocket.
Some companies have claimed to have achieved this.

I expect in the next 10 years we'll even see OLED walls or lamps in 
which we can alter the colour of the object just by turning a dial.

By 2006 they hope to have a white OLED outputting 20 lm/W (lumen/Watt) 
for a life of 3000 hours (250days?) minimum. OK not as good as tubes 
which can do 50lm/W. But it's early days.

A slab of OLED could in theory cover all the area of your aquarium 
evenly, you'd be able to fade it up and down, control it's colour 
temperature to simulate sunrise/set and you wouldn't need reflectors or 
a heavy ballast unit.

I work for a electronic R+D company and we've had a few samples shown to 
us. Nice even light across the slab surface.

Stuart Halliday
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