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Re: [APD] ligting (LED:s)

S. Hieber wrote:
> Absolutely possible to use LEDs to light up your plants. A
> good mix will give you more bands of the spectrum. Expect 
> to use more energy, and therefore shed more heat than with
> PCs or MHs yielding comparable light output.
> The white ones will have a mix of red, green, and blue
> light or else they would not appear white. 

But they're not true white, they do have a shift to the blue.

Current LEDs also give off a polarized light so they actually penetrate 
fog and water droplets further. So I'd expect them to light up deeper 
in water than tubes?

This is why they're currently getting used in traffic lights and for 
side and brake lights in vehicles in my country (Scotland).

There is talk of them replacing headlights in the future as stronger, 
more powerful white LEDs are due out in the future.

I also heard talk of a pure white LED coming out soon which can be made 
in clip-together chunks so effectively replacing ceiling tiles and 
overhead lamps as you just need to clip several together to make the 
size of light you require. Cute.

I'm also looking forward to OLEDs which will hopefully replace LEDs...

Stuart Halliday
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