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[APD] Pottasium Testing

I apologize for my text coming out all on one line. I have'nt been able to find wordwrap option in Outlook Express. It seems the problem with my test kit is a defect with the tube that has the black dot. The most discernible black dot at the bottom of the tube is about 5/16" diameter, more of a circle than a dot. The tube base is square about 7/16" across. There appears to be a black dot in the very center of the 5/16" diameter area but there is no white background to provide contrast. I was just hoping that if any of you had experience with this particular test you could tell me if I had defective product or if my K was 6ppm or 50ppm. Because the 5/16" circle never gets obscure (6ppm) and the dot in the center dissapears instantly (50ppm) when inserted into test sample. Or is this kit just junk. Your replies are appreciated. Thanks, Chas.
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