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Re: [APD] Pottasium Testing

The black dot is on a white background at the bottom of the tube.  When I
can no longer distinguish the difference between the dot and the background,
for me that's where I read the K level.

I would think that you are in the low range of K if you can still
distinguish the black dot when the tube is all the way down...


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I recently purchased a Lamotte Potassium test kit. The directions are
somewhat ambiguous. It says to add reagent and then insert tube until black
dot at bottom becomes obscure. I?m not sure if the tube I received is
defective but there is a significant portion of the bottom of this tube that
is black and though its visisbility fades the further into the test solution
I insert it, it never dissapears. I know this could mean that I?m that low
on Potassium, but if I were?nt, I?m not sure at what point the visibility of
the black dot would be considered obscure. It seems the term obscure is left
open to the interpretation of each individual. Does anyone have experience
with this kit? Any suggestions or tips? I may call Lamotte and ask them but
I thought to try you guys first. Thanks for your help. Chas.

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