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Re: [APD] Lighting

It's very hard to find good material on Tesla despite his
having been involved in a number of key inventions,
including ones that others later patented  -- although he
had over 700 patents of his own.

Probably the best compendium of info is a relatively recent
biography, _Tesla: Man Out of Time_ by Margaret Cheney

see, for example:


It's not a great book but there really wasn't a lot written
down about his life while he lived or closely thereafter.

Here's a quick link to some basic info that seems generally


--- Laith Arif <laith at swissonline_ch> wrote:

> "Tesla was fooling around with wireless lighting, among
> the
> many other "wild and crazy" things he was into. In fact,
> he figured it was
> possible to transmit electricty great distances without
> wires and pursued
> this idea for many years after he had established the
> viability of
> transmitting alternating current via wire.
> The lights in his shop were wireless..."
> Is this fact?  If so, would love to find out more about
> it... any more info
> available?

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