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Re: [APD] ligting (LED:s)

> i meant wasted energy, they run very cool. i read an article about 
> energy usage and how most everything will be led sooner or later.
> sorry... like i said i figure they arent useful for us yet, but they 
> will be...
> hmmm are you the guy from APC? i swear he did an experiment and found 
> they grew plants great on very little energy.
> hmmm

No that was not me, but I've made a couple of postings there.

The problem with that experiment was that he probably manged to
saturate the lighting with both LED:s and PC:s in the same type of small
tank so the growth-rates were about the same.

Also notice the *massive* heat sinks he used with the LED.s

A lot of wasted energy there.

// Daniel.
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