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Re: [APD] ligting (LED:s)

Well, the input energy is going somewhere and if is not
visible light, then it's heat (to make a crass
generalization.  For X watts of input, LEDs will shed more
energy as heat than a fluorescent or MH that operate at the
same total input energy. LEDs are cool because they operate
at such low power. A bank of them that give off as much
light as say a mini-fluorescent such as in a cell phone or
stereo display will give off more heat.

LEDs tend alos to emit light in narrow bands of the
spectrum. To get good results, you'd probalby need a few
different types. But you won't measure more light than
fluorescents for a given energy input unless your
measurements are wrong.

--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> i meant wasted energy, they run very cool. i read an
> article about 
> energy usage and how most everything will be led sooner
> or later.
> sorry... like i said i figure they arent useful for us
> yet, but they 
> will be...
> hmmm are you the guy from APC? i swear he did an
> experiment and found 
> they grew plants great on very little energy.
> hmmm

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