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Re: [APD] Natural pea gravel, a high iron substrate

No I have not had any trouble with holding down plants.  I have a tank with
fluorite  and loaches.....they dig everything up.  No loaches in these new
tanks - or any fish that want to root around in the gravel at this point.
The turface seems more "fluffy" than fluorite but I kind of like that - it
seems lighter and perhaps easier for the plants to root in.  All very
subjective observations of course.

I have one tank with red and one with the gray turface.  The red had much
more "dust" and required several water changes before becoming completely
clear.  Didn't bother me...just compared to the gray it was more work.


> Terry Barber wrote:
> > I just set up a 75 and 55 with turface as the substrate.
> Any trouble holding the plants down?

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