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Re: [APD] Natural pea gravel, a high iron substrate

On 10/6/05, T. Bently Durant <bently at classicchevytexas_com> wrote:
 If you dose the water column it doesn't matter what you use as a subsrate.
I have an Eco-complete tank -- the black substrate with the black-edged tank
and hood is quite elegant and brings out the best color in some fish. I've
got a builders sand/aragonite/garnet grit mix tank that is a touch too fine
for easy maintainence. And I've got a monterey fine sand tank that has a bit
of peat and soft charcoal on the bottom. The Monterey sand tank is drop dead
gorgeous. No tank is significantly better or worse than the others for
growing plants.
 I think the value of expensive substrates is wildly exaggerated. My sand
based tanks are much nicer to plant in. But I do love the look of
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