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Re: [APD] Natural pea gravel, a high iron substrate

I just set up a 75 and 55 with turface as the substrate.  It is a calcined
clay.  I am not going to rely on the substrate to feed the plants.  I am
going to feed via the water column.  I will add a flourish tab under the
echinodorus plants but none others.  I think that they organic type
substrates - burn out - loose their nutrients after awhile anyway.  I
couldn't justify the price of all fluorite in those tanks.

So far so good.  I am enjoying great growth and nice pearling in these tanks
now.  I am not worried about my "inert" substrate.   Time of course will
tell.  Let us know how it goes....we could compare notes later.

> Jamie's tables on that page list a natural river rock substrate with
> outrageous values on all essential minerals.  It leaves fluorite in the
> (pun intended)  But can it actually be leached out by the plant roots or
> it just there but unavailable.

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