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[APD] Natural pea gravel, a high iron substrate

The reference for this question is http://home.infinet.net/teban/jamie.htm


Jamie's tables on that page list a natural river rock substrate with
outrageous values on all essential minerals.  It leaves fluorite in the dust
(pun intended)  But can it actually be leached out by the plant roots or is
it just there but unavailable.  


I'm about to set up a 140 gallon planted dutch tank and I want to do it
right the first time.  My initial idea was a thin layer of sphagnum peat
covered with fluorite and topped with playsand.  However, the pet store is
selling the tank with several 50lb bags of blasting sand as substrate (which
is a very fine river rock as I understand it)  So should I consider the
blasting sand to be as fertile as the fluorite?


T. Bently Durant

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