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Re: [APD] Custom Sealife Ballast Replacement...help plz

S. Hieber wrote:

>Does it use screws or rivets? Is it the metal Brite-Lite
>type. When you remove the buolb, can you see how the
>reflelctor is attached?
I don't know what the 'metal Brite-Lite' type are.  The frame is a 
powder coated metal, and as bought I recall they were called Smart 
Lamps, PC 48" 2x65W sq. pin, one switch, no fan...

Screws for the endcaps, screwed light sockets through the reflector into 
some metal, semi-triangular reinforcement (that was easy), but the light 
clips are riveted through the reflector into another reinforcement.  
Overall there are 5 of these reinforcements and they won't budge; they 
look like they've been epoxied into the frame of the light.  The 
reflector (aside from the rivets) is tucked under the bottom edge of the 
frame.  I managed to get one edge of the reflector out and noticed the 
ballasts are screwed into another set of those reinforcements.  This is 
going to be a nightmare!  Even if I do get the rivets off, then I won't 
easily be able to put the brackets back on short of buying a riveter or 
the very remote possibily that a friend actually has a riveter!

While worrying about this I started pricing out other options.  Is there 
a general opinion on the Current SunPaq Lunar lamp (48" 2x65W w/lunar 
lights, sq pins)?  Its inexpensive, uses the same bulb type as what I 
already have and overall might be easier than struggling with replacing 
these ballasts (unless someone knows an easy way to get those rivets 
out).  Plus, the neat idea of the lunar lamps, but I don't know what 
thoughts are on this. 

Oh, and I'm worried I'm also going to ruin the reflector in the 
process.  I've already put a number of small out-dents in the edge near 
the bottom of the fixture trying to get that edge out.  I doubt this 
matters much since at that point it would be reflecting just to the 
other edge of the light, but thats just the beginning to taking this 

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