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[APD] Plant Trade

I'm really sorry to send this out to the entire list, but a long time ago (a
REALLY LONG time ago) I gave away a whole bunch of java fern with the
agreement they would send me some trades. Well, I hadn't set up my new
planted tank yet so they all gave me IOUs. It took me quite a while to get
my planted tank up and going because I set up a couple reef tanks in the

Anyhwhoo, I have it set up now (about time) but have lost all the contact
information for those people. I realize this was a long time ago, so if you
can't/don't' want to send me anything, I completely understand. However if
you have to prune stuff back anyway and wouldn't mind returning the favor, I
would really appreciate it! If you remember being one of these people and
are still interested, shoot me an email.

Again, sorry to send this to everyone, but I don't know how else to contact
these people... they might not even belong to the list anymore.

Thanks everyone.
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