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[APD] Custom Sealife Ballast Replacement...help plz

I've recently run into a problem with my now 3 y/o Custom Sealife 
Smartlamps.  I have 2 of them, each 48" and 2x65W on my 90G AGA.  I 
finally got my interest back up in my aquarium to replace the aged 
bulbs, one of which I thought had blown completely.  Now that I've got 
the new bulbs I realize its not the bulb that blew, but probably the 
ballast?  One of the two lights in that fixture works, but both bulbs 
are new (and I've tried different bulbs on each socket).  I opened the 
cap of the light and it smells like an electrical burnout happened 
inside....so heres the thing: I'm hoping someone knows how to replace 
the ballast in there that can help, or maybe point me in the right 
direction.  The ballast (2 of them) looks to be mounted all the way in 
the center of the fixture beyond a rivoted light bracket, and a few 
other things that seem semi-perm. in the housing.  Either way I'd love 
to have my full 260w back but don't enjoy haphazardly playing around 
with wiring.  For those savvy in wiring but not familiar with the CS 
light it has a single switch, 2x65w light socket (4 pin square 
arrangement) and what looks like two ballasts and one plug.  Hopefully 
its generic enough that I could replace it without too much trouble.  

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