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Re: [APD] Free Speech

Bob,  in five minutes I was able to find some complimentary references on
Planted Tank, including some for a company called Aquabotanic or something
like that.   I could have found many more.

When we exercise our right to state opinions we are taking a chance, just as
we are when we play golf or cross the street or do just about anything.  We
can elect to take that risk or avoid it, depending on a lot of things.

This country was not built by risk avoiders.  It was founded by people who
were willing to risk everything and defended for over 300 years by soldiers
and sailors who took risks and in some cases made the supreme sacrifice.

Today we have police officers, fire fighters, civil rights supporters,
military people, and many other groups who take risks every day to protect
out basic rights.
Those who state dangerous or unpopular opinions are also doing that.

And they all should be proud of what they are doing.


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