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[APD] Alternatives to the color GH test kits and methods

Well foklks can use a colorimeter and there is also a Calcium meter from Pinpoint(Several Marine folks have not been particularly pleased, 2 LFS owners as well, seems to have drift).
There is access to measure things, but it does cost more(perhaps they could get a $$ break etc)
No need to see color to measure the parameter(which is often a very poor method to begin with, may as well estimate it with that much inaccuracy in most cases).
For GH, it's easy to add more, then you can rule it out as a limiting factor.
I am unaware iof any practical observations that higher GH(2-3 degrees more) will have any negative impact on fish, plants of any species(Discus and them other "wimpy" fish that many cottle)
This is not "as true" for KH, but for GH is appears to be the case over a very wide range and adding 2-3 degrees more should not impact anything and allow plants to have their fill.
This is also true for K+, adding an extra bit will not hurt either.
Most do not even have a K+ test kit anyway, but get by just fine with out it.
Why is GH any different?
So there's a simple way around the colormetric test for color blind folks.
Basically you don't need it.Just add more GH building.
www.gregwatson.com is selling GH builder or you can go with SeaChem's Equlibrium. 
I'd even say the same for CO2, you can use it if you want, but I have not relied on the CO2 measurements(KH+pH) as general method for many years................
I'll test and all, but do not base my dosing on that reading as rule without scaling it.
No unhappy or dead fish, crazy pearling, no algae, happy plants. 
If I can do it, so can other folks.
All the science etc is to answer why, rule things out (like GH issues here) and to try new things, the doing the things themselves are actually ___very easy___.
Which helps everyone..............
Tom Barr
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