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Re: [APD] Free speech

Not to beat a dead horse beyond recognition, but one of my
earlier points is, I think, an important one:

on the list, one is not merely making a choice about how
"normal" her or his own life will be, but also the life or
lives of others, like the nice man that makes the APD
available to us for free, our wise and generous listmom,
who serves without remuneration or reward (except for
occassional, well-earned praise from list members), and
probably one or two others.

Now satisfied with the stillness of the horse, I'm off to
grow some really big plants so that bubbles will be
realtively micro-sized ;-) I don't know whay I didn't think
of this before, big big tanks, reeeally big plants . . .


--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> It's all a matter of perceived cost and perceived reward.
> For most 
> people the pragmatic goal of keeping one's life somewhat
> normal 
> overrides. For some, like myself, it does not matter. . .
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