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Re: [APD] HQI's

I have been using double ended MH since a while. For the first models the 
use of UV glass filter was mandatory. The presence of UV in the hood was 
clear, since other plastic components where attacked.

Later the bulbs came with UV shield, as a component of the outer sleeve. 
This is valid for 3200ªK, 4200ºK and 5500ºK lamps. I did not see 10KºK with 
UV shield. I suppose it?s a matter of not filtering part of the  wanted  

At the present, the front glass is suggested for avoiding the eventual 
danger of lamp faliure, in which bulb burst. But we discuss this subject is 
previous post, and glass has no flat attenuation, it limits red in 
particular. So in this point, the UV glass filter will distort the color 
rendering. This could be a side effect.


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>According to this site:
>HQI lamps "MUST" be used behind a piece of glass to filter out UV. I looked
>at these as a way to sneak in a noontime boost with my PCs because the HQIs
>are so small. But they are small because they don't include the glass
>shield that comes integral with the mogul screw-in lamps.
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