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Re: [APD] Are all GH tests red/green?

urville wrote:
> mines blue pink
> it's red sea

D'oh. That doesn't help. Anything that involves red is bad. Light blue 
and light pink appear just as identical as red and green.

It needs to be two highly contrasting colors. blue/pink and red/green 
don't contrast each other much. There are three color combinations that 
are most terrible for colorblind people (about 12% of males):

yellow/bright green

If a test involves changing from one to the other in the same group, it 
ain't going to work. Ideally, it changes from one group to a color in 
another. It's the reason I had to pay big bucks for a pH meter before 
they were cheap (comparing pH keys to the tube was too difficult).

I'm going to get the inevitable questions, so if you want to see a 
simulation of colorblindness, go to http://www.vischeck.com.

Jerry Baker
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