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Re: [APD] the impersistence of the micro bubble

When I was a kid I thought the tiny bubbles looked cool at
asked around at several stores (this is before the web) on
how one got the tiny bubbles to occur. Several places seem
so perpelexed by the question, you have thought I asked
them about growing plants underwater. Finally, at one
place, the clerk said, "That's saltwater. The tiny bubbles
happen in saltwater.

You can drop an airstone into freshwater and into "marine"
and see a tremendous diff in bubble size. Someone else
might explain it, but that basic see-for-yourself example
is repeatable and the results quite consistent.

Doesn't bubble formation have to do with surface tension?

You can force tiny bubls with finely porous airstones or by
forcing the gas into the vanes of a pump. As soon as the
velocity reduces the bubbles will gather to form larger
bubbles unless you scatter them quickly and keep them


--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Mariano F. Bonfante wrote:
> > I talked with a marine tank representative and he told
> me that a venturi 
> > would give thick bubbles in this case, not the type we
> see in marine water. 
> > What will happen in fresh water with CO2?.
> I don't know. I have been personally unable to achieve
> the small bubbles 
> you see in saltwater. I believe this is due to the
> density of freshwater 
> vs. saltwater, but I'm not positive on that.

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