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Re: [APD] [Redacted]

Robert H wrote:
> If your opinion is asked for that is one thing, but when someone takes it 
> upon themselves to go on a mission to privately contact anyone at any 
> opportunity for unsolicited feedback, it is just as dangerous and 
> irresponsible. A year or two ago a vendor in AZ was getting a flood of 
> negative comments on the internet. At some point a couple people started 
> giving people this feedback in private email and private forums. But some of 
> these people who were recieving these comments were actually satisfied 
> customers of this vendor and forwarded the messages to the vendor. Every 
> business has to deal with this, particularly on the internet. I have had my 
> own problems to deal with. What I learned out of the whole legal ordeal was 
> for myself anyway, that to be responsible I need to determin where the line 
> is from being informative and being vindictive just because I was "wronged". 
> It is an easy line to cross.

As long as you are not making statements that you know to be false in 
order to damage the reputation of a business, you're legally in the 
clear. [Redacted]

Jerry Baker
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