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Re: [APD] CO2 mist and the persistence of the micro bubble


>  So in the AM when the lights first come on, the CO2 is poor and the gas 
> rapidly dissolves entirely.

         This would be incorrect unless pH controller is used to shut of 
CO2 above a certain pH. Even than the plants would be a contributor to CO2 
at night time.

         I observe in my CO2 injected tank that the pH drop overnight 
(Measured at Sunrise - i.e. Lights ON) to 6.6 from a level of ~7.0 at 
Sunset (lights off). So the water is at its highest in CO2 at Sunrise. I do 
not use a controller. I propose the use an aerator to reduce the CO2 levels 
at night with a pH controller and at the same time keep the O2 levels up 
than just shut of the CO2.

         FYI My KH is 5-6 at this time - A professional lab says 90 ppm I 
test as 110 ppm. The dissolved O2 at sunset is >8 and at sunrise is <2 mg/L 
(fish are breathing rapidly). The lights are 3W/US gallon of PPL and 
tubelights of various mix. The pH meters (WTW pH95 and a Hanna Checker) is 
checked for calibration everyday. O2 meter calibrated to Atmosphere before 
every reading.


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