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Re: [APD] straw bales

At 06:52 PM 30/09/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I would be a bit leery on using just bales.  They will compress.  90gal is 
>what, over 720lbs of just water weight.  Bales can compress easily.  That's 
>why NM building code only allows them for infill walls, not structural use.  
>You'll need a top plate to evenly distribute the weight, and for an 
>aquarium, I would be very concerned with lateral movement.

Where's it gonna go?

They will distribute the load more evenly than
any other stand and once under compression they become
quite solid.

I wan thinking of (Mahogany) marine ply for the top.

There's more straw bale buildings around here (pop 1300) than
anfwhere else in Ontario - there's the same mumber of thew in Ottawa.

There's two story Nebranka style (load bearing{ houses 

As for load bearing, check this out:


Looks like it would be a great fishroom.


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