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[APD] Legal implications of free speech...

It seems to me that the last few statements on this topic have dealt 
with what it takes to win a law suit.  As I recall, none of the recent 
litigation involving a pet vendor and several customers ever got to the 
point where the merits of the case were presented and evaluated.  
However, many defendants, not able to represent themselves pro se, had 
to spend their own money on attorneys.  And this has dragged on for years.

And this particular plaintiff was quoted as saying that litigation was 
his hobby.  So a pet store baron who might otherwise have had a legal 
career now has both.

While I like my free speech, I also try to be practical and mindful of 
the realities of this world. 

I love to pass on positive references to vendors who provide excellent 
service and back their products.  I think it best to pass on my negative 
experiences with vendors privately wherever possible.


Bob Alston
bobalston9 at YAHOO_com

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