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[APD] straw bales

I would be a bit leery on using just bales.  They will compress.  90gal is 
what, over 720lbs of just water weight.  Bales can compress easily.  That's 
why NM building code only allows them for infill walls, not structural use.  
You'll need a top plate to evenly distribute the weight, and for an 
aquarium, I would be very concerned with lateral movement.

As for the earlier post on plywood, I used a shower stall on its back and 
closed in the top with a piece of plywood coated with fiberglass cloth and 
resin as a pond.  It worked okay.  If you built it into a wall it is 
possible to use a wood product for sides, bottom and back, with proper resin 
use, etc...

>How bout a $2 stand?
>I have 4 90Gal tanks I got real cheap last year amd am about to set
>a couple of them up. I've decided to use straw bales as a stand, covered
>with earthen plaster.
>Anybody else try this or do any straw bale construction?
>For cheap tanks look in recycler.com for (shipable!) acrylic tanks.
>Some real bargins there if you look and are patient. Best one I
>saw was a 300 Gas tank for $180. If I culd have got the guy to weigh the
>thing on a bathroom scale mit two 6' 2x4s and said definitively that it was
>under the 150 LB UPS limit then it would be here right now. But alas...
>But, I did get a 35 gal hex tank for $20 plus $16 shipping - acrylic
>tanks are LIGHT asd ship well, and, um, cough, you
>can work out any scratch issues no matter how deep, in
>about an afternoon.
>Tho local classifieds, craigslist.org and any local web BBS
>classifieds (there's lots!) are also good places to try.

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