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Re: [APD] Light cycle and algae

Alan Walker wrote:
> I recently read in a beginners' book (*) on aquatic plants the assertion "It
> is possible to combat algae in the aquarium by  (...) creating a "siesta"
> period.  (...)  If the aquarium receives 5-6 hours of lighting followed by
> 2-3 hours of darkness and then another 5-6 hours of light, the plants will
> be relatively unaffected  (...) but algae growth rates will be significantly
> reduced and may even start to die back."
> Does anyone here have empirical evidence about the effectiveness of this?
> I'm not interested in opinions about why it ought to work or not work, but I
> am very interested in data from controlled experiments.

I tried it for a week. Didn't work for me.

I bought flying foxes. These worked!

Stuart Halliday
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