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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

At 07:01 AM 30/09/2005 +0930, you wrote:
>With the 3M product there is a material pad then wool like pad to finish off
>after their finest grit.   There was also a fine white paste to use on the
>material but it was not used because of the fish.

Once more, with feeling:


Paint Refinishing 

1 Soak 2400 grit 3M sandpaper in water for 2 days. Lightly color sand in
circular motion with sand paper and lots of water with liquid Tide
detergent. Wash and turn paper frequently. Never use back and forth only
overlapping circles. The sand paper must be soaked or the edges can scratch
the surface. 

2. 3M Foam pad polishing glaze color coordinated to the car. Instruction on
bottle. Use the bumpy 3M pad on orbital polisher. 

3. 3M Imperial hand glaze show car finish. follow instructions. Orbital with
terry cloth start lambs wool finish. 

4. Turtle wax color polish that best matches the car. Hand rub 

5. Meguires Gold Class wax. Work it hard rub it in buff it out. Put on sun
glases you will need them 

Rocketman, Crazy Piet

(Use white for steps 2 and 4, the wax will help, just like it does on a car.


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