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Re: [APD] [Redacted]

With the infamous case, there seemed to be no line; almost
any criticism seemed to be met with. 

Subsequently another vendor (who was again mentioned just
recently) started waving its fists about accusations
appearing on this list that the product it vends was snake

I think it boils down to a question of how provocative one
wants to be and the extent of risk. There is no distinct
line of protection that guarantees you folks won't get run
over if you don't cross here rather than here. We're just
urging folks, out of consideration for others that might
also be affected, to try to keep to the sidewalk and when
necessary to cross, look both ways before crossing. 

In some of these kinds of situations the folks being
crossed might be unscrupulous people who will believe they
are defending their livelihood but are not be particularly
honest, forthright, or fair and might even be downright

This doesn't mean one can't do battle, but the choice of
when, where, how, and who will be involved in the fight is
best if it is a judicious (no pun intended) and considered


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> [Redacted]   I don't 
> see a white line anywhere saying whats out or in.. . . 
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