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Re: [APD] [Redacted]

-derek parr

PS..   In my opinion.  ;/

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> It is one thing to say "In my opinion, Aquarium Right's Bonus Grow
> product doesn't work" and another to say "Aquarium Right lied to me
> about Bonus Grow.  It doesn't work and they engage in false
> advertizing." The first is a statement of opinion, the second *might*
> be construed as libel.  The first statement will not necessarily
> support long term expensive  lawsuits, the second will.
> Jerry has talked about what he experienced.  He has not really said
> that any company is bad or engages in illegal practices.  Others have
> implied that.  I wouldn't think Jerry did anything wrong by stating,
> factually, what he has experienced.  And when I say "wrong" I mean
> unnecessarily exposed himself to possible litigation.  I simply
> wouldn't want other indignant individuals to be exposed to legal
> action they could avoid.  I do not think anyone has done anything
> "wrong" in the ethical sense of the word.
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