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Re: [APD] Needle valves

Since you asked, I'll add a few comments that might help
fill in what you might be missing. 

For one thing, the diff of a few dollars might matter to
some folks that only want to pay as much as they have to to
get something that works.

For another, if you're buying direct from Clippard the
shiping and handling doesn't increase if you buy more
valves. So, including shipping and handling 2 valves cost
$18, 3 valves cost $15, 4 valves cost $14. For one example,
a club might find a purchase of a half dozen valves a good
choice. Of course, those prices are buying direct from the
manufacturer and other outlets might have lower or higher
prices. Also, other outlets might have other items one
wants that can be combined in the shipping charge. 

It's worth adding that one has to factor in any other items
one might need such as adaptors from Home Depot or
whatever, to make any given valve work with whatever other
equipment the've got. 

Is the Clippard desirable and economical for someone? Each
has to decide for their own case. If a few bucks makes a
diff, it might be the preferred choice. It's not my
preference and neither is the Fabco, but that's me, my
tastes, needs, and wallet. Surely there are others that
have diff tastes, needs, and wallets.

But the Clippard is certainly a reasonable option for

--- Dave Gomberg <dave1 at wcf_com> wrote:

> At 08:13 9/29/2005, "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> wrote:
> >Unfortunately, the shipping and handling add another $15
> if
> >one valve is all you are ordering. Factor in the
> shipping
> >(and handling) costs of alternative valves and compare.
> For
> >about $10-$15 bucks plus shipping, the Clippard can be a
> >good value.
> That's $25-30 the way I read it, and for $27 you can get
> a Fabco 
> (much better valve) postpaid.  What am I missing here?
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