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Re: [APD] Solenoids & Needle Valves

urville wrote:

>whoa... what...
>you totally lost me here. i know i used diy yeast and got at least 2 
>bubbles per second and no one died and there wast a ph change enough for 
>me to detect it with my red sea kit.
>you have to realize i'm still in college and not yet interning, so that 
>means it better be as far under 30 dollars as possible. or to put it 
>another way, used ebay goods.
>hey i got the 5 pound bottle on ebay with shipping for 26 so...
>Paul M Wallace wrote:

First thing I did when I got my 5lb bottle was check the sucker when it 
was full when I got home. I put some soapy water around the neck and lo 
and behold there were bubbles. The tank cost me around $150 if I 
remember right.

Now I likely did marginally overpay, but returning the bottle was a no 
questions asked deal. The dealer didn't even test it. Just took it 
behind the counter and says, "Sorry about that. That is rare. I'll have 
to order another, but come back tomorrow morning and I'll have another 
for you filled".   The next day I dropped by on my way to work to check 
their hours at 6:30 in the AM. Surprisingly they were open. Sitting on 
the counter was a familiar sight, a pefectly new silver 5lb. cylinder 
with a bill under it that stated "Replacment. Hotte. Pickup."   Since 
then I've been to have it filled and they've waived the fee a couple 
times for me.  

I think the welding shop is just entertained that I can use their 
equipment for fish. Likely see it as an opportunitly to send a whole new 
line of customer their way. I tell you... I would in a heartbeat if I 
knew any other aquarists in this area. I've _never_ experienced customer 
service so good as from the folks down at Cane Welding Supply.
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