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Re: [APD] HQI's

Tom Wood wrote:
> According to this site:
> http://www.hellolights.com/
> HQI lamps "MUST" be used behind a piece of glass to filter out UV. I looked 
> at these as a way to sneak in a noontime boost with my PCs because the HQIs 
> are so small. But they are small because they don't include the glass 
> shield that comes integral with the mogul screw-in lamps.

I thought about mounting them into a regular reflector, but inside of a 
UV-absorbing tube. I figured I could make the tube into a wind pipe for 
cooling with exhaust out the back of the canopy. Then it seemed like a 
lot of work. I might still do that though. I don't know where to buy 
optically transparent, UV-absorbing 3" or 4" tube though.

Jerry Baker
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