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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

holy cow, that would never fly here

Jerry Baker wrote:

>urville wrote:
>Perhaps so, but unfortunately, the law is almost always on the side of 
>business. This is not whining, but just a fact in California. Remember, 
>I had a former employer bounce a paycheck, never make good on it, and 
>show up in court just to say "it wasn't me," and the judge told me 
>obviously the guy I had in court was the wrong guy and dismissed the 
>case. The judge didn't even care that I had proof that the guy was the 
>owner with an official form from the State of California saying so. The 
>California Labor Commissioner refused to do anything because they 
>couldn't find the owner. I found him in the phone book. Try to get 
>somebody to do anything about it. Good luck.
>Citizens are left to enforce the law on their own with lawsuits. Those 
>take a very long time. If I don't mind being out the $850 for 6 months 
>or a year, it's the way to go.
>I will scan the warranty card when I get home from work and put that up 
>on Flickr for anyone interested to see.
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