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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> I'm not talking what's legal.  I'm talking actionable.  What's legal
> is ordinarily subject to interpretation.  But you put yourself at
> monetary risk by making some statements.  And you put the list owner
> at risk.

What most people don't know is that *everything* is actionable. I can 
sue you for having brown hair. I can sue the list owner for publishing 
the word "plant" to which I claim to own a trademark. Anyone can file a 
lawsuit for any reason. How far they will get in the court system is 
another matter. There is no sense in tip-toeing around something out of 
fear of lawsuits. Believe me. I grew up in a house with two attorneys as 
parents, I am *very* used to this stuff.

Jerry Baker
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