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Re: [APD] Melting Val

On 9/29/05, jvision at telus_net <jvision at telus_net> wrote:
> Adam, this could be it.  I did just get everything set up again after having
> all the plants float for a couple of weeks.  Started CO2, light and fert dosing
> late last week.  The CO2 cut out, so I upped the dose of Excel these last
> couple of days (tanks getting picked up today).
> So, if I cut out the Excel, your exprience is that they'll grow back?  Hope so!!

On the other hand, I grow Vals in a tank dosed with Excel.  They've
never melted.  They do grow slower than in the CO2 dosed tank.  They
are growing in a tank with Lake Victoria levels of salt.


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