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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

urville wrote:

Perhaps so, but unfortunately, the law is almost always on the side of 
business. This is not whining, but just a fact in California. Remember, 
I had a former employer bounce a paycheck, never make good on it, and 
show up in court just to say "it wasn't me," and the judge told me 
obviously the guy I had in court was the wrong guy and dismissed the 
case. The judge didn't even care that I had proof that the guy was the 
owner with an official form from the State of California saying so. The 
California Labor Commissioner refused to do anything because they 
couldn't find the owner. I found him in the phone book. Try to get 
somebody to do anything about it. Good luck.

Citizens are left to enforce the law on their own with lawsuits. Those 
take a very long time. If I don't mind being out the $850 for 6 months 
or a year, it's the way to go.

I will scan the warranty card when I get home from work and put that up 
on Flickr for anyone interested to see.

Jerry Baker
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