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Re: [APD] Needle valves

At 05:53 9/29/2005, you wrote:
>the Fabco
>NV-55 with "airline tubing" adaptors. Others have used them
>and like them. The precision is almost as high as the
>B-SS4, using the same 3 degree taper on the needle but with
>a slightly steeper thread pitch. They can be used as shut
>off valves if manual on-off is your thing. They cost
>substantially less than the Swagelok B-SS4 -- currently
>about $28 vs $50, with adapters.

Or $100 for 6 or $200 for 6 with 6 diffusors, both fantastic bargains.....

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco    NE5EE       gomberg1 at  wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/co2iron for low cost CO2 systems that work!
500th System Sale: 6 Fabco needle valves and 6 Eheim diffusors
  Regularly $300 postpaid, now $200 postpaid   Gas those other tanks!

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