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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

3M Finesse-It? System will fix up acrylic scratches really well.

I don¹t have any affiliation with this mob except that I used their products
to polish a very large amount of acrylic in Australias largest freshwater
public aquarium.  The staff at Sydney Aquarium told me about how well it
works.   The product can be used underwater on scuba with an air operated
sander.   It is a range of various sized grits then a wool buffer.  If you
follow their instructions you end up with an incredibly smooth mirror like


I imagine the automotive product mentioned below does the same thing.


On 29/9/05 10:25 PM, "Gordon McLellan" <gordonthree at gmail_com> wrote:

> Sorry to chime in as a lurker ...
> Meguiers makes automotive detailing products, and I've seen some of them in
> action ... resulting in acrylic sheets with flawless mirror like properties
> (computer modding). ScratchX is touted to remove fine scratches and swirls
> perhaps if filling the tank with water doesn't make the scratches fade, some
> elbow grease will?
> Gordon
> On 9/29/05, Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:

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