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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

S. Hieber wrote:
> These polishes use fine abrasives to turn big scratches
> into little ones that the eye cannot pick up. The finer you
> go, the harder to see.
> You can work your way to jeweler's rouge but the finer car
> polishes are usually adequate. Try Maguire's 82 and use a
> buff pad on an orbital sander. If you use a buff pad on
> drill, you need to use a slow speed setting to avoid
> friction-heat build up drying the polish medium before the
> polish has had enough chance to to work the surface. If the
> scratches are deep or wide, you can start out with a
> coarser polish and work you way towards the finer stuff.

I was using my orbital buffer that I use on the car. It's low speed 
enough to keep the danger of heat build-up pretty low. I haven't tried 
getting a finer polish. I need to get one that will allow inspection of 
a finish under full noon sun without visible swirls. If a polish can do 
that, it should be able to take care of my problem.

Jerry Baker
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