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Re: [APD] Needle valves

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> > Aren't most regulators machined with a 1/8" FNPT
> connection? And, it would 
> be good to know what the Swagelok 1/8" tubing connection
> really is in 
> comparison to regular air or CO2 tubing.

The Swagelok tubing connection is a swaged fitting --
basically a kind of compression fitting where an outer
sleeve is swaged or squeezed onto the tubing, forming the
sleeve into a solid seal in the process. As withmost
compression fittings, the squeezing is done by turning the
nut that holds the fitting together. With plastic tubing
you should use a rigid inserts (part number B-405-3), which
cost about $0.50 each.

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