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Re: [APD] Convert microSiemens to mg/liter CACO3?

TW: "I know they are measuring separate parameters, but if you knew exactly 
what was in the water, say by using RO water reconstituted with a product 
like Kent's RO Right, would it be possible to estimate a conversion?"

WH: "The factor of two conversion (uS to mg/l) is quite good enough for 
most purposes with most ordinary tap water, IME, so such tests are a bit 
overkill. Differential measurements of limited accuracy are quite OK for 
such purposes as avoiding osmotic shock, the main purpose for most folks 
wanting to know tds."

I'm trying to get to the lowest GH I can in a planted tank and still keep 
goldfish in it. I have a TDS meter that I can convert to microSiemens, so I 
can start with either number. When you say "factor of two conversion (uS to 
mg/l) do you mean that I multiply uS by 2 to get mg/l? This doesn't seem 
right because a uS reading of 360 would mean mg/l of 720 and I know it's 
not anywhere near there. The titration test kit says it's 36, and I know 
the water is mostly RO water.

WH: "I always find what percent of my tds is as general hardness..."

I've asked Kent for this info, we'll see if they help out.

WH:"...so I also use tds/uS as a very quick and dirty way to estimate GH."

Divide tds by uS to get GH?



PS: Is the body chemistry of a discus really that different from the body 
chemistry of a goldfish regarding osmoregulation, or are the 
recommendations for vastly different GH values for these fish more 
applicable to the breeding conditions? 

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