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[APD] custom tanks vs large manufacturers

Another point to consider is that if you get a custom tank made, by
glasscages or any builder, for example, is if it leaks, who pays freight to
return it?

Two years ago I moved locally in Atlanta about 15 miles. I had to take down
my tanks, repaint and replace the carpeting in my fishroom. The blue walls
were nice for tanks, but not too nice for someone looking at a house for
sale. The cost of having my then current tanks (125,90,75) moved was more
than the tanks were worth, so I sold them and started new at the new house.
I cannot imagine what the freight would be for a larger tank to be returned
to the manufacturer.

Buying locally one of the All-Glass/Oceanic, Top Fin or Perfecto national
brands, you'd only have to take it back to the LFS for a return.

Or is the savings so great it outweighs the extra cost? I've never purchased
a "custom"  made tank before.


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