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Re: [APD] aquarium sources

Iirc, they make diff tanks for diff purposes; perhaps that
is a factor.


--- Russell Vance <russell_vance at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't know about the quality of the glass tanks at
> glasscages.com<http://glasscages.com>,
> but I know their acrylic tanks are junk! After seeing the
> quality of them, I
> would be hesitant to buy anything made by them. I have
> seen acrylic tanks of
> theirs that were made of extruded acrylic (big no no) and
> put together with
> Weldon #16. Also, to save money, instead of using a true
> euro-top on it they
> took plastic rims that go on glass tanks cut them and
> glued them together to
> make a rim that fit their tank. Honestly, I wouldn't have
> trusted the tank I
> saw to hold water (at least not for long). Again, I have
> never seen one of
> their glass tanks, so I can't speak for them. I am just
> letting you know
> what they do with acrylic.
> I am sure there is a custom builder somewhere near your
> new location. You
> might have to drive to the nearest big city to pick it
> up.

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