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Re: [APD] needle valves

> Aren't most regulators machined with a 1/8" FNPT connection? And, it would
> be good to know what the Swagelok 1/8" tubing connection really is in
> comparison to regular air or CO2 tubing.
>>Swagelok uses a compression-fit union meant to be used copper tubing or
brass fittings.  To adapt to regular air or CO2 tubing, you buy a little
hose barb fitting from Swagelok for a buck or so.  To adapt to 1/8 NPT,
they have another adapter, another couple bucks. ..<<

You old timers always talk about Swagelok, Falco and Nupro... George Booths 
comments on it are still in the FAQ, and thats what ten years old? How about 
Clippard? The MNV4k2 is what M3 used to sell,  and described it as such  " 
With a 56 turns / inch and 3° tapered, it can provide down to 10 bubbles of 
CO2 / minute consistently (at 0 pressure). Fits most CO2 Regulator Kits on 
the market. Inlet - Male Threaded NPT 1/8" (measures 1/4" OD physically) / 
Outlet - Hose Barb 1/8" (or 4/6 mm ID/OD tubing)."  Its always done a good 
enough job for me, and it is easy to find.  I also have an inline needle 
valve with 1/8 triple edged barbs. Then you don't have to worry about any 
fitting on the regulator

Robert Hudson

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