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Re: [APD] Needle valves

DG: "Swagelok used to make a pretty great valve, but it appears to be hard 
to find them now. They are about as good as the Fabco, but cost about twice 
as much and are not as easy to adapt to tubing."

SH: "I think each of these statements is false except the one about the 
comparison to Fabco, with which I disagree, but choice and preference are 
difficult things to quantify."

Go to www.swagelok.com and register an account, it's simple, easy and 
includes a step where you can pick among the distributors available in your 
area. Registering also activates the pricing info for most products. Click 
on "valves" (duh) to get to that section. Then there's "valves - 
regulating" and "valves - needle shutoff" as subsections. Costs vary from 
around $20 to over $100.

Aren't most regulators machined with a 1/8" FNPT connection? And, it would 
be good to know what the Swagelok 1/8" tubing connection really is in 
comparison to regular air or CO2 tubing.


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