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Re: [APD] Solenoids & Needle Valves

The higher the pH level, the bigger the diff in levels for
a given change in pH. Which is one reason some us recommend
25pp as a target. If you hit around 20-30, you should do

Just for argument's sake, if you had, say, 120 ppm, a rise
of pH 0.2 would mean a climb to about 150 ppm. In actual
cases, it would be hard to push things to 120 ppm and much
harder still to psuh it up another 0.2 pH. At more
reasonable targets, which are more easily achieved, the
changes in CO2 are more moderate ;-)


--- Paul M Wallace <pwallace at u_washington.edu> wrote:

> . . .Now with a controler and solenoid, if you KH is 6
> degrees, a change of .2 would result in:
> pH 6.5  -->  57 ppm CO2
> pH 6.7  -->  36 ppm CO2

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