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Re: [APD] Needle valves

Here is the master list of valves:

Pinch valve $2 ok for trimming if you have no money

Clippard about $15-20 including shipping, ok for trimming, not ready 
for primetime as a sonic valve

Fabco NV-55 $27 from me including shipping, this valve is worth twice 
the price, very good

Swagelok used to make a pretty great valve, but it appears to be hard 
to find them now. They are about as good as the Fabco, but cost about 
twice as much and are not as easy to adapt to tubing.

Hoke Micro-metering $175 or so, these are wonderful valves, the 
world's best, much better than all the above, but they sure cost a 
lot. Somebody said they found one for $40, if you can do this, buy 
it.   For $40 it is a great deal.

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