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Re: [APD] What Did Clear for Life Say About the Scratches?

Russell Vance wrote:
> When you return something to a store, they don't usually eat the cost. They
> then return it to the manufacturer (or their wholesaler). Although it
> doesn't costs them anything, it is a PITA, so if enough of a product is
> returned, the store will stop selling it.

That's what I thought too. Clear for Life was very clear to me and to 
reefgeek.com - they will not accept a return from either of us. If I 
return the tank to reefgeek.com, he will have to eat the total cost, not 
just the difference between wholesale and retail.

I don't know why they won't take it back unless they think it's damaged, 
or if they are just being difficult on purpose. It's a standard size 
with a standard option. The only custom work on it is the fact that it 
is a 6-foot tank made from one sheet of acrylic (for bent corners). 
That's a plus, not a minus. They could ship it out to the next person 
that ordered a 135-gallon tank.

I am going to have an attorney draft a letter to Clear for Life 
suggesting that it might be in their best interest just to take back 
their tank that they have already inspected and declared to be perfectly 
fine. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Jerry Baker
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