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Re: [APD] FL endcap question

Thanks, Scott. Heat-shrink tubing sounds a whole lot better. Electricians
tape is what he mentioned on his site several years ago and I've never
used it, since I use cf lighting (AH Supply). I appreciate your coming
forward when I post something ill-advised. :-[


S. Hieber wrote:

>Not to pick on Bill, who is a knowledgeable fellow and a
>great aquatic hobbyist, but simply to add to the
>discussion, I offer this:
>Electrical tape gets very messy when exposed to a lot of
>heat in excess of about 100F, such as at the ends of bulbs.
>IN fact Age alone makes the adhesive get rather gooey (even
>the good 3M stuff) but heat speads up the process.
>Personally, I don't like to use the tape for anything if I
>don't have to. For that reason I wouldn't recommend it for
>use in hot locations.
>As a kludge it might help keep moisture away from the pins.
>However, I would rely on it less for water protection than
>the so-called waterproof endcaps with bulbs they fit.
>If it was me, and I didn't want to change the endcaps, I'd
>probably try some 2-to-1 heat-shrink tubing, such as, for
>example, this stuff:
>The 2" stuff might fit over the endcap. Where it covers the
>endcap, I'd heat it slowly with hot-air gun rather than a
>flame and do it with a bulb in place. Since this stuff
>shrinks at about 190+ degrees F, the heat from the bulb
>shouldn't affect the shrinking.
>--- william ruyle <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:
>>Folks on the cheap simply wrap electricians tape around
>>the ends to shim 
>>up to 12/8ths.
>>A nod to Mr. Nguyen who suggested this some time ago.
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